Patios, Walks & Firepits – Paver Block, Brick, Natural Stone & Masonry

Patios, Walks & Firepits – Paver Block, Brick, Natural Stone & Masonry

Let your patio, walk, or firepit set the stage for your outdoor living.

The character of your home and yard, often determines which paving materials to use for patios, walkways, and driveways. Popular choices are brick, flagstone, stone pavers, concrete pavers, cobblestone, and gravel. Oftentimes, two or more of these materials can be combined creatively, to truly personalize a project.

Many factors should be considered, when selecting which paving materials to use, such as appearance, durability, availability, maintenance, and cost. Another factor, becoming more and more important, to our customers, is how environmentally responsible various products are.

Another important aspect to a patio project is the design. Size, location, pattern, intended use of the space, and continuity with the entire landscape project and home, are all considerations.

No custom patio, walkway, or driveway would be worth the time, money, or effort to install if the job isn’t done right. That’s why Plantique installation crews are trained in the best industry techniques and practices. We make sure that each patio and walkway is constructed with proper grading and drainage, that base excavation is deep enough and base material compaction is sufficient to prevent most, if not all, settling issues.