Fertilization & Aeration

Fertilization & Aeration


Plantique includes an initial fertilization (when it is necessary), with all our plant installations. It is probably not necessary for you to add any fertilizers to your new landscaping, at the time of planting. If there is an exception to this general rule, your project manager will let you know. Most established plants need only to be fertilized in spring and fall with a complete fertilizer (10-5-5, 20-10-10 or similar), and Plantique recommends using a slow release organic fertilizer whenever possible.


Newly installed grass may be fertilized four weeks after installation, and again four-to-six weeks after that. Be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly if you are applying the fertilizer yourself, as over-fertilizing can burn out young grass. Do not use any pre-emergent or broadleaf weed-killers on your newly installed grass for at least 12-to-16 weeks, and then use caution if you do decide to apply these products before the lawn is a year old.

Plantique’s turf division offers complete and customized lawn fertilization programs, including organic and semi-organic options.